Sony PlayStation Move Commerical – A Self-Inflicted Wound

In Videogames on March 17, 2010 at 9:41 PM

PlayStation Move just received its official name and release date, so it was just a matter of time before it got its first commercial too.  Continuing the string of “Kevin Butler, VP of Everything” ads Sony’s been spamming the last year, the PlayStation Move spot pokes some serious jabs at the console market, particularly two not-so subtle ones directed at Nintendo’ Wii and Microsoft’s Natal.  However, the clincher flies under the radar.

The above commercial takes place in the far off time of November 2010.  In it, Kevin Butler proudly exclaims that now everyone eats their food through straws, the Royals just won the World Series in six games, and by the way, Sony’s PlayStation move has been an incredible success.  Following the train of logic, the common thread Kevin Butler seems to suggest is their almost impossible odds of happening.  So while the commercial may claim people box on the Wii like girls slapping (despite Punch Out’s awesomeness) and no one wanting to play a shooter on Natal (I have no defense on this one…sorry Microsoft), Sony may as well have tripped over the irony and broken every bone in their body.  Maybe they did it intentionally, since that’s the only way they’ll be eating food through a straw in the future.  Awesome marketing Sony, keep it up.

  1. And you point is?

    Sorry, I’m not getting what you are trying to say other than “Waaa, Sony made a good ad and I don’t like it!”

    • That wasn’t the point at all. The ad is pretty good, though the “It Does Everything” campaign has had much funnier pieces than that. The point of the article was just to point out the irony of the ad. Everyone’s making this fuss over how badly they burned Nintendo and Microsoft, while failing to see that they unintentionally burned themselves worse in the ad.

  2. It’s not a self-burn, really, more like an opening for a burn.

    The fact that two unlikely things occurred in the november 2010 future really just means that, if you bring attention to that as a theme, you can say something like: “Food through straws? Sounds about as likely as the PS move’s success!” BUT this isn’t much better that noting that the commercial was comedy and saying something like: ” The only thing funny about that was the success of the PS move!” My feeling is that someone would need to seize the opportunity here to burn Sony (which you have, so bravo!). I would only say that, since it’s a comedy, it’s kind of a weiner burn to take advantage of the fact that jokes usually involve outlandish possibilities in order to discredit other aspects of the ad meant to be taken (more or less) seriously.

    Also, I leave you with this question: If someone gets burned and nobody notices, have they truly been burned?

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