Top 10 Most Anticipated for E3 2010

In Videogames on June 13, 2010 at 7:00 PM

10. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night remains one of the most beloved games of all time.  Since its release, 13 different Castlevania titles have failed to return the series to its position as an elite videogame franchise.  Lords of Shadow plans to fix that.  The highlight of last year’s Konami E3 press conference, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the upcoming reboot of the Castlevania series, developed in part with Kojima Studios with the oversight of legendary developer Hideo Kojima.  Last year, Konami did little more than announce the title with a teaser featuring the voice of Patrick Stewart.  This year, Lords of Shadow should receive a full reveal including plot elements, in game footage and more.

9. LA Noire

If Red Dead Redemption taught us anything, its that Rockstar and open world games go together like Mario and Peach.  Rockstar’s latest open world opus is LA Noire, a 1940s crime drama that promises the combine the action of Grand Theft Auto with the drama and inventiveness of adventure games like Heavy Rain.  So far, the public’s information on LA Noire has been limited to concept art, interviews, and a cover story in Game Informer.  At E3, LA Noire is Rockstar’s primary point of focus unless they surprise everyone with a new Grand Theft Auto reveal.  Hopefully that means trailers, gameplay footage, and maybe even a playable demo.  With the success of Read Dead Redemption this May, LA Noire could potentially steal the show this year.

8. Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Metal Gear Solid 4 ended the central narrative to the struggle between Solid Snake and his demonic twin Liquid.  But as part of an expansive narrative with multiple protagonists, Kojima has yet to explore the stories of the other heroes.  The recently released Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker expands on the life and times of the series’ patriarch, Big Boss.  But Raiden, Metal Gear’s baby boy, has a story with many questions left unanswered and just as many stones left unturned.  Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title, hopes to answer some of those questions.  While last year’s E3 announced the title to the public, this year’s E3 will hopefully show gameplay footage and maybe even an interactive demo on the show floor.

7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

PC gaming has taken a brutal hit in popularity over the last decade.  But those who still game with a mouse and keyboard know the importance of Deus Ex.  PC Gamer’s August cover declares Human Revolution the sequel to the “greatest game of all time.”  Deus Ex revolutionized first-person shooters, role-playing games, and videogame narrative in a way no title has before or after.  A lackluster follow-up with Deus Ex: Invisible War didn’t do the franchise much justice, but anyone who’s played the original has to hold out hope for Human Revolution as a return to greatness.  So far Human Revolution has been limited to teaser trailers and PC Gamer’s upcoming article, but with E3 just days away its impossible not expect some huge news around the corner.

6. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Since its announcement in 2008, Star Wars fans have anxiously awaited info about Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The spiritual successor to Knights of the Old Republic, The Old Republic marks Bioware’s return to the Star Wars license, this time in the form of an MMORPG.  Last year’s E3 showcased gorgeous trailer highlighting the struggle between JedI and Sith.  But that trailer provided little more than smoke and mirrors, a chance for Bioware to whet appetites while they work on the game.  This year, Bioware don’t have the luxury of Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins to hide behind.  Despite rumors of a Mass Effect 3 reveal this year, Bioware and EA will rely on the Old Republic to turn heads and build interest for the game’s slated release next Spring.

5. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s handheld DS has given gamers six years worth of amazing games.  From Mario to Zelda or GTA to Brain Age, the Nintendo DS has consistently offered unique, high quality gaming.  Now Nintendo is ready to take handheld to a whole new level with the Nintendo 3DS, a new handheld gaming console designed to give gamers a three-dimensional gaming experience.  While rumors have swirled across the internet, the official specs of the handheld won’t be revealed until Nintendo’s press conference at E3.  Beyond announcing the system’s specifications, the Nintendo conference could include a visual reveal of the console, games currently in development, and even a projected release date.  On the extremely optimistic side, Nintendo could even have a playable model on the E3 floor.

4. The Last Guardian

Team ICO’s series of artistic, beautiful, mature have wowed gamers over the last decade.  2001 set the bar with ICO on the PlayStation 2.  2005 then offered the breakout follow-up with Shadow of the Colossus, an incredibly unique experience that held its own against titles like Resident Evil 4 and God of War.  Last year’s E3 showcased a trailer for Team ICO’s next project, The Last Guardian – this year’s E3 will showcase much more.  With the exception of PlayStation Move, nothing on Sony’s list comes as anticipated as The Last Guardian.

3. Project Natal and PlayStation Move

Project Natal and PlayStation Move stole the show at last year’s E3.  This year, both Microsoft and Sony plan to steal the show one more time, but with immediate financial impacts on the line – both ship this fall and will bank on E3 as the table-setter for the Holiday hype machine.  Both companies have revealed bits and pieces, but E3 should finally give gamers the decisive preview for each.  Microsoft even has a press conference exclusively for Project Natal on Tuesday night.

2. The Legend of Zelda Wii

No franchise has been as consistently good as Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda.  With every new generation, Nintendo continues to up the ante with Zelda.  And while Twilight Princess launched with Nintendo Wii, Nintendo initially developed the title for Gamecube and released the title jointly on both systems.  Last year’s E3 swirled with rumors of a potential Zelda Wii announcement, but Nintendo’s press conference offered fans no solace.  But just hours after the conference, Nintendo quickly pointed to next year’s E3 and even leaked concept art for a new Zelda title.  Since then, talk of the new Legend of Zelda game has quietly buzzed at the depths of the gaming community.  At E3, that quiet buzz will likely turn into a mighty roar.  Rumors suggest a revolutionary shift in the series unlike anything Link has experienced yet.  With Nintendo’s press conference scheduled to kick off Tuesday, Zelda fans won’t have to wait long for the details.

1. Half Life 2: Episode 3

In 1998, Half Life changed gaming forever.  In 2004, Half Life 2 did the same.  Its now 2010 and the six year life cycle of Half Life is set to conclude.  But unlike the previous two installments, this current six year run has been split into three episodes.  Episodes One set the tempo of the series, but Episode Two brought it to a level never seen before, giving gamers a five hour experience that not once let off the gas.  For three years, Half Life fans have been anxiously awaiting the conclusion to the series to no avail.  But a recent cancellation of the Portal 2 press conference by Valve points to the huge reveal of Half Life 2’s epic finale.  While Episode 3’s involvement with E3 is currently nothing more than speculation, E3 would provide the perfect opportunity for Valve to turn heads in a way nothing else on the E3 floor could.


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