Live E3 2010 Coverage – Nintendo Press Conference

In Videogames on June 15, 2010 at 7:41 AM

Yesterday’s lackluster E3 conferences have left huge openings for Nintendo and Sony to wow today.  With rumors of a new Zelda title and the unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo looks poised to have a spectacular show.  Once the lights dim, check back to this post for continuing live updates of the press conference.  Remember to hit refresh to update as the coverage updates.9:02 AM – Nintendo’s show begins with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie strutting out and welcoming everyone to the show.  Reggie begins by focusing on technology, but downplays it by emphasizing the experience and the importance of technology fused with game design.

9:04 AM – Reggie then goes immediately to the new Zelda Wii title.  The video is just a quick teaser showcasing some typical Zelda action, but finally revealing the name: Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword. Graphically, Skyward Sword looks a lot brighter and more vivid than Twilight Princess.  Enemies look a little more realistic, though the environments seem a bit more cartoonish.  The mixture is definitely something to check out this week, but it looks very refreshing.  Shigeru Miyamoto then comes on screen and begins explaining the game, stating that the wiimote and nunchuck will be directly responsible for controlling your sword (or item) and shield.  Mr. Miyamoto then sends the spotlight back to the stage, where Bill ends up playing, but doesn’t do a very good job.  To help him out, Mr. Miyamoto warps to the stage and gets a big applause.  Mr. Miyamoto then explores a playable demo, showing how the controls work and displaying some interesting techniques where game control meets design.  Instead of having to pause the game and reassign objects, all weapons and gadgets are now stored on one screen accessible by pressing the B-button.  Mr. Miyamoto demonstrates the sligshot, bow and arrow, using potions, throwing bombs, and even a whip that acts like the slingshot.  After the demo, Mr. Miyamoto announces that the game’s demo will be playable on the show floor.  Finally he leaves the audience with a tentative release date of 2011.  Then a full trailer is shown displaying a host of different enemies and ways to use the gadgets.  Nintendo definitely scored big opening with this title.

9:21 AM – Reggie comes back out and discusses Nintendo’s goal of game design for all audiences.  He then begins with discussing various sports titles before finally settling on a new Mario sports game.  A trailer begins showing various Mario characters playing volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, and hockey.  The title is Mario Sports Mix, set for a 2011 release.

9:24 AM – Reggie goes back to discussing the Wii and their mission plan, addressing Wii doubters in the media and reaffirming the Wii’s success in both hardware and software sales.  He discusses the importance of games that introduce new users into gaming.  After showcasing some already Nintendo classics, he unveils Wii Party.  The trailer looks like something between Mario Party and Mii Parade.

9:27 AM – After Wii Party, Reggie showcases Just Dance 2.  After Harmonix’s dance title for the Kinect yesterday, it’s hard to get excited about this title.

9:30 AM – With two casual titles out of the way, Reggie goes to showcase some new Golden Sun: Dark Dawn footage.  Graphically this looks similar to Final Fantasy III or the Zelda games for DS.

9:32 AM – After Golden Sun, Reggie tosses it to Goldeneye.  We get a video showcasing some awesome graphics and new gameplay.  A lot of the levels look both familiar and fresh.  After the trailer, Reggie says Activision’s Goldeneye will be exclusive to Wii this holiday season.

9:34 AM – Reggie then goes immediately into Epic Mickey, introducing the great Warren Spector to the stage.  Warren briefly discusses the basics of the game, explaining the game’s overworld as Wasteland, a composite of locations from Disney movies and themeparks distorted into a dark-space.  Warren reveals the game’s primary game mechanic, Mickey’s ability to create and erase in the world around him with a paintbrush, similar to Okami or Drawn to Life.  Warren promises the ability to play the game differently by focusing on play-style and choices.  Warren then shows the different areas of the map, including a 2D sidescrolling level based on Disney’s Steamboat Mickey.  Reggie comes back out and notes an exclusive interview with Warren is available on e3.nintendo.com.

9:41 AM – Next Reggie moves to Masahiro Sakurai, creator of the Kirby series.  Then he reveals a brand new Kirby title, the first in seven years.  The gameplay looks amazing with some great interactive levels and art direction.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn will be available this fall.

9:45 AM – After Kirby, Dragon Quest IX gets the spotlight.  Reggie speaks about the game’s deep features, such as 120 mini-quests and over 900 customizable items.  Dragon Quest IX has a July 11 release date.

9:47 AM – Reggie quickly moves to Metroid: The Other M.  The trailer shows action somewhere between the sereis’ 2D origins and its FPS evolution with Metroid Prime.  The Other M gets an official release date of August 31.

9:50 AM – Reggie wastes no time going to the next title developed by Retro Studios, a Donkey Kong side scroller akin to Donkey Kong Country.  After a phenomenal trailer, Reggie announces the title, Donkey Kong Country Returns, will be available this fall.

9:52 AM – Reggies then shifts attention to the Nintendo 3DS.  Reggie discusses the downsides of 3D, such as the high entry costs and those hideous glasses.  But Nintendo 3DS will have ample entertainment at the outset, on the move with no glasses.  That sets up a teaser showcasing the current rise of 3D entertainment.  Then from the ground pops up the new 3DS.  Satoru Iwata comes out to debut the system to the crowd.  The console looks a little wider than the Nintendo DS, consisting of the same two-screen design but with the top screen wider than the bottom.  Iwata reveals that the 3DS will be able to turn off its 3D functionality or work various degrees between maximum 3D to no 3D.  The top screen will be the 3D screen and the bottom screen will be the touch screen, similar to the original DS design.  The system has a slide pad, designed for analog pad movement.  The 3DS features one camera on the front, but two on the back allowing for 3D photography.  Iwata then reveals the 3D will be able to play 3D movies, namedropping How to Train Your Dragon among others.  Iwata discusses Project Sora, finally unveiling that Project Sora is the codename for a title Nintendo has been working on for 3DS.  That title is the return of Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Unfortunately, the video can only show the game in 2D, but visually it looks quite impressive with PS2 quality graphics.  A 3D trailer for Kid Icarus will be available on the show floor today.  Nintendo 3DS will also feature automatic wireless communication with other 3DS handhelds, allowing for a much easier way to link with friends and other gamers.  The wireless functionality also allows automatic downloads of game updates and expansions.  Iwata then states that Mr. Miyamoto is working on a 3DS Nintendogs game that will also feature cats.  Iwata names a list of games being developed for the 3DS such as Resident Evil, Saints Row, Assassin’s Creed, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid, DJ Hero and much more.

10:09 AM – We then get a video of many great game designers discussing their reactions to developing for the 3DS.  We get rough ideas of what Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil will be like on the 3DS.

10:12 AM – Reggie comes back out and brings the show full circle, stating their promise of offering “something for everyone.”  Reggie recaps the list of titles and the 3DS.  Reggie promises more access live on E3.Nintendo.com.

10:14 AM – Next is a concept teaser video of what kind of experiences the 3DS can offer, highlight Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Zelda, Nintendogs, and Mario.

10:16 AM – Reggie then takes off his jacket and states that the video can’t give a full showcase of what 3DS is capable of.  He then states that they will finally show what the 3DS is capable of right now.  Dozens of models come out with 3DS systems attached to them, giving attendees a test drive of the 3DS directly after the press conference.  To appease those who can’t see the 3DS, playable play-stations for the new Zelda: Skyward Sword rise up from the ground in the Nokia theater.

That wraps of the live coverage at the Nokia Theater, but fans can head to http://e3.nintendo.com for interviews and additonal info.


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