Live E3 2010 Coverage – Sony Press Conference

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Sony’s press conference just began a few minutes early.  Live coverage will constantly update in this post to remember to hit refresh.

11:56 AM – Sony opens with a loud trailer highlighting the popular offerings over their home and handheld consoles, from Metal Gear Solid to Dead Space to LittleBigPlanet to Katamari Damacy.  The video even features Kevin Butler from the PlayStation ad campaigns poking fun at Microsoft’s Kinect.

11:59 AM – Jack Tretton comes out to welcome the audience.  He discusses the 10 year vision of their current generation with PlayStation 3.  Tretton says that PlayStation 3 is the only console that offers something for everyone in the whole family.  He plays up not just the game aspects, but also the internet and blu-ray components.  Finally he cuts to brass tax and says that today we’ll get Sony’s vision of the future, one that includes 3D High Definitive gaming.  He then gives way to Kaz Hirai.

12:03 PM – Hirai talks some more.  He says, “What Sony did for blu-ray, we will do for 3D entertainment.”  He lists a series of titles available in 3D such as Wipeout HD and Motorstorm.

12:05 PM – Herman Hulst of Guerrilla Games comes out to showcase Killzone 3 in full 3D.  After a lot of talking, they finally get to the live demo.  The first part takes place in an arctic setting.  After getting through a firefight, the player mounts up on a jetpack and flies around some arctic drifts before entering another base.  Whoever’s playing this demo must have God mode on because he’s getting filled with bullets like a target.  He moves to the next area and between level switches the crowd gives applause.  Now the game moves to a vehicle section in some type of dropship.  Instead of flying the ship, the player just shoots from a stationary position.  After the demo, Killzone 3 gets a release date of February 2011.  The game will also be compatible with PlayStation Move at launch.

12:13 PM – Hirai comes back out and says “What Avatar did for 3D movies, Killzone 3 will do for 3D gaming.”  Hirai then states Gran Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Tron: Evolution, and NBA 2K11 will be in 3D.

12:15 PM – Hirai leaves the viewers to watch another 3D video showing the titles previously announced in action.  Unfortunately only the live video is in 3D.

12:18 PM – Tretton comes back out, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation and 10th anniversary of PlayStation 2.  Apparently the PS2 is still relevant.

12:20 PM – Tretton then discusses PlayStation Move, a “major innovation” Sony unveiled at the Game Developer’s Conference.  PlayStation Move supposedly will appeal to both casual and core gamers.  We get the full specs on the PlayStation Move, which is seemingly exactly the same speech from last year’s E3.

12:22 PM – Now there’s a video of developers discussing designing for the PlayStation Move.  There’s a lot of repetition of “1 to 1 movement” and “precision.”  After the video, they discuss the importance of the controller and its buttons, allowing for increased precision.

12:27 PM – Finally we get games for PlayStation Move.  Christian Busic comes out to unveil Sorcery.  After a minute of talking we finally get to a gameplay demo.  Graphically this title looks very inferior, almost like Harry Potter for the Xbox.  To begin he showcases the 1:1 movement of the controller with the character’s magic wand.  The game does look appealing to kids, but a pretty poor way to start the PlayStation Move display.  The demo seems to be getting decent applause from the audience with every spell.  Sorcery has a scheduled release for Spring 2011.

12:32 PM – Next comes Andrew Wilson from EA Sports to show the crowd Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.  The demo highlights the 1:1 motion on a Pebble Beach hole.  His first swing completely misses the ball.  His second winds up in a sand trap, as does his third.  The PlayStation Move functionality for Tiger Woods 11 will be available as a downloadable update when the Move releases this Fall.

12:39 PM – Last is a trailer for a Move exclusive called Heroes on the Move, combining the Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Jak and Daxter franchises.

12:40 PM – They now announce a partnership with Coca-Cola for giveaways with Coke products.  Out comes Kevin Butler to cement the marketing tie in.

12:42 PM – Kevin Butler immediately starts by attacking the Microsoft Kinect press conference on Sunday.  Butler then says “gaming is having a ridiculous large TV in a tiny one room apartment.  Staying up until 3AM to win a trophy that isn’t real.  And girls that know the way to a man’s heart is through a melee attack.”  I thought gaming was about games.  Kevin Butler’s four minute speech gets some applause out of the crowd.

12:47 PM – Now we get launch details.  September 15 in Europe, September 19 in American and September 21 in Japan.  The Motion Controller will cost $50, the Navigation Controller will be $30 and a bundle featuring one controller, a PlayStation Eye and the Sports Champion game will be $100.  Also, a bundle with a PS3 console and the $100 bundle for $400.  Then we get a list of games such as EyePet, Echochrome 2, Time Crisis, RUSE, Killzone 3, Singstar Dance, Heavy Rain, Toy Story 3, and Resident Evil 5.  After the announcement we get a quick video to showcase the PS Move.

12:53 PM – Tretton comes back to debut the new PSP ad campaign called “Mett Marcus.”  Marcus is apparently the kid version of Kevin Butler.  After the ad, Tretton hypes Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker because that’s the only good game on the PSP.  However, Tretton announces a new God of War PSP game titled Ghost of Sparta, which will chronicle Kratos’ rise to power.

12:58 PM – Now Tretton shows a video of all the games coming out for the PSP this year.  These include ModNation Racers, Ace Combat Joint Assault, Gravity Crash Portable, Hot Shots Tennis Getogrip, Madden NFL 11, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Inviziimals, Patapon 3, Fat Princess: A Fistfull of Cake, Eyepet, Piyotama, The 3rd Birthday, and Valkyria Chronicles II.

1:02 PM – Tretton then moves onto the PlayStation Network, discussing the popularity of the show The Tester and PlayStation video expanding to Canada.  Tretton also announces that PlayStation Home will feature a completely interactive Sony E3 booth for fans who couldn’t attend E3.

1:04 PM – Tretton now moves to the Play Create Share brand, moving into LittleBigPlanet 2.  The demo showcases some new features in LBP2 with created games and content.  The different games do a great job showcasing the diversity of what LBP2 is capable of creating.

1:11 PM – Tretton moves to the PlayStation Network service package, titles PlayStation Plus.  Subscribers get exclusive content, but Tretton fails to elaborate on what that is besides demos and betas.

11:14 PM – John Schappert from EA comes out next to showcase two new titles.  The first is Medal of Honor, which we already saw at yesterday’s EA conference.  Now we get introduced to a new character named Deuce.  The trailer looks exactly like Modern Warfare and doesn’t show anything new or cool.  The game gets a release date of October 12.  After the trailer, Schappert says that PS3 will exclusively have a free version of Medal of Honor: Frontline.

1:21 PM – Now we get Dead Space 2, starting where the EA conference left off yesterday.  The last of the demo didn’t show much we didn’t already see.  Schappert comes out to announce a limited edition Dead Space 2 pack for the PS3 complete with Dead Space Extraction for the PlayStation Move.

1:25 PM – Portal 2 on PS3!  Gabe Newell comes out as a huge surprise and pokes fun of his past comments about the PS3.  Now we get a Portal 2 video.  The video doesn’t show a whole lot of new, but it’s presence at the Sony conference is huge.

1:30 PM – Next is a Final Fantasy XIV video.

1:31 PM – Now Tretton announces Mafia II exclusive bonus content only on the PS3 for the release of the game.

1:31 PM – Next is a video for the multiplayer component of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

1:34 PM – Now it’s a video of games coming up for the PS3 this year.  Featured is Dead Space 2, NBA 2K11, Madden NFL 11, Sports Champions, Mafia 2, Socom, NCAA Football 11, EyePet, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, LittleBigPlanet 2, The Shoot, Echochroe 2, Heroes on the Move, Gran Turismo 5, ModNation Racers, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, True Crime, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Dead Nation, Sorcery, DC Universe, The Sly Collection, Tron: Evolution, and Final Fantasy XIV.

1:37 PM – Here comes a video for Gran Turismo 5.  Nothing new.

1:40 PM – Next is a video for Infamous 2.  Not a whole lot of fresh stuff in this trailer, but the inclusion of what looks like a lightning sword could be pretty unique.  The end of the trailer reveals a godzilla like monster.

1:43 PM – We get one final surprise for the night according to Tretton.  Looks like Twisted Metal.  And it is.  A live action Sweet Tooth drives on stage to hype the game.  The demo for team deathmatch starts with a helicopter and also shows a motorcycle shortly after.  Next is a new gameplay mode called Nuke, an objective based mode.  The game also features more than just the typical cast of characters and the sprawling levels support team factions.

1:51 PM – Tretton ends by calling PlayStation fans their “secret weapon” and thanks everyone for attending and supporting PlayStation.

The PlayStation conference is now officially over and we’re done with the press conference portion of the show.


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